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Name Hayarpi
Time Mar 1 2006 15:50:28
Sireli HAVESOV.com karcum em du kariq chunes govasanqi qanzi amen inch parz e ov e HAVESOV.com@ ev mnacac xxjuk copy anoxner@. Sharunakeq dzer azganver gorc@, vochinch tox myusner@ nengabar krknorinaken da cuyc e talis irenc anmakardakutyun@ ev inqnuruyn karciqi pakasutyun@.
Name Havesov.Fan
Time Mar 1 2006 08:29:53
This site is unique because it is original, it was the first in what it's doing and that's why it's the BEST. No other site can bit it. All other sites that has no ideas of themselves and everything they can do is to copy are big time losers and they know it perfectely themselves, but however they come out there and embarrass themselves and show no respect to others. I feel shame for that kind of Armenians.
Mi bur azg enq, sireq irar ev hargeq irar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace out. Respect to HAVESOV and all the work that is beeing done every single day!

Name Karen
Time Dec 28 2005 06:55:23
I Love This SITE!!! Keep up the great Work
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